What is MiamMiam BOX?

MiamMiam BOX is a subscription-based service that delivers the most premium French Snacks and Candies to your door monthly.
From the salty, sour to the sweet, discover limited edition French treats that you won't find anywhere else!

All our candies and snacks are MTO (make to order) which means that they are produced right after orders are placed.
We do FIFO (First In First Out) inventory flow control daily so that our subscribers can enjoy fresh snacks.
Combined with fast shipping, this ensure our customers get only the freshest candy from France.

French snack and candy trend change very frequently that new product hit the store shelves every month.
We have immediate access to the newest lineup for the season through our direct partnership with the local distributors and manufacturers.


AUTHENTICALLY FRENCH: Owned and operated by a French team, we strive for authenticity, featuring only trusted brands and favorites of true French citizens. We understand that our subscribers are savvy consumers who want high-quality, authentic French snacks and we’re here for that!

CAREFULLY HANDPICKED. BALANCED TREATS: We work side-by-side with French biggest candy distributors to carefully handpick the contents to be included in our monthly box. We balance the proportions between chocolate, biscuits, candy to leave you feeling well-rounded with your snack box.  We don’t believe in overstuffing your box with cheap fillers like gums and bad biscuits just to increase the profit margin. We have a team of curators who daily debates on the taste balance, visual experience and seasonality of the snacks we put into our box.

FULL SIZE TREATS ONLY. NO SAMPLE SIZE : One of the biggest issues we saw with current candy subscription programs was the small candies that were being sent. They take a large bag with a lot of fun-sized candy and just send a few in a box. We dont believe that and as a result, we only send full sized, premium candy.

Feel free to send us an email at [email protected]


The most frustrating thing I have noticed is that on the shelves of import stores across the world is that while I do see French Candies and Snacks they are very limited and the prices are outrageous.

I had to put an end to this and make them widely available for all at a far cheaper cost.

With MiamMiam BOX we promise to send you a flat-rate box, full of a variety of full-sized French snacks and candies that have been carefully selected by our staff.

We can easily procure the hottest and most popular snack trends of the season.

MiamMiam BOX work directly with local suppliers and cut the product costs way down for you to be able to afford! As a result, you will always get the newest, most premium snacks and candy at the most affordable price and that’s a guarantee!

Our store is still very young and small. However, in the spirit of French service and hospitality,  we believe we can deliver you the best French candy and snacks in terms of quality, quantity, price and delivery speed that will leave you very satisfied.

Join us to explore the fun of the French candy world!